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Greater People Moves A-Head

This blog is now superseded. We no longer offer the PPDs below but if you are interested in starting a ebusiness using the below updated, please contact me. The latest versions of our PPD technology are available on www.vitalremedies.com www.naturalbuddhas.com www.maxmyperformance.com www.detoxdownloads.com coming soon www.arhf.nl for diseases and serious trauma Peter We are in the middle of a big change over in personal, location, country, etc so right now if you want PPDs and PPD Technology this is the way.
Greater People is also in the middle of a transformation.

Also PPDs got better. They are stronger and the public ones are now personalized to the person individually or just the family name only so effectively you can use them for all the family with that name, parents, children, grandparents (where appropriate) and so they are cheaper for a family.

There are these items below
1. PPD Sets
3. PPD Technology
4. Testimonials
6. History of PPDs

Best Wishes
Peter Chappell

2011 PPDs


We have something really important to tell you.


Your hyperactive SURVIVAL INSTINCTS, freeze, flight and fight are engaging in every interaction you have with everything that goes on inside and outside of you. These are LIMITING your life in every possible way.

You don’t know this because NOBODY IS TALKING directly about it. We have studied hundreds of experts in personal, professional and sports development and none of them is getting the absolute IMPORTANCE of survival instincts.

The second point is that you have an AMAZING, UNTAPPED future POTENTIAL which you can bring out into your life.

We have a NEW TECHNOLOGY that works by making NEW PATHWAYS IN YOUR BRAIN to calm down your survival instincts and to OPEN UP your personal UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.


PPDs, the name we give our new technology, are seawave sounds you listen to for 2 minutes a day. That’s all it takes.




PPDs or Personal Potential Downloads are a new tool to help you consciously reach your goals and fulfil your potential. Normally we are ruled by the normal negative emotions, limited and robotic beliefs, and engrained thinking habits, which you inherited and also acquire in growing up. If you are shy or impulsive, defensive, irritable or scared of new things, these are inherited patterns that are limiting you life.

PPDs are designed to calm the survival instincts (they work even better in emergency) and this help to free you from fixed and automatic habits like criticism and judgements, limiting beliefs like not having enough money or feeling alone, and negative emotions like resentment and the blame game.

PPDs also activate new pathways in the brain to encourage your natural talents to develop, like better communication, clear thinking, better attitude to money and relationships, and appropriate responses.

With PPDs then the instinctual automatic patterns of social cultural conditioning fade away naturally, and our personal spectrum of new, previously unseen, and unused, possibilities is brought out.

You also become more present, and the consequence of an enhanced ‘here and now’ attitude towards one’s existence is to bring a more balanced, effective, open, creative, more thoughtful, fun and abundant way of living.
Commonly reported results of listening to PPDs are
• more self-confidence
• better coping with stress
• better concentration
• calming down
• clearer thinking
• more energy
• less reactive
• less limiting physical and mental habits
• being more in charge of one's life
• living in a more creative way
• quicker physical and mental recovery
• awareness and fulfilment of one’s personal potential i.e. what you want from life

PPDs are
• MP3 files 3 minutes long
• easy to use - you listen to them once a day or as often as you like
• sea wave sounds containing embedded specific conscious resonances
• a completely new consciousness based technology
• delivered by e-mail


This powerful general purpose PPD Set is intended to help you live your life better.

The Foundation Set includes 5 PPDs
1. Foundation PPD 1 focuses on being Here
2. Foundation PPD 2 focuses on your Mind
3. Foundation PPD 3 focuses on Now
4. Foundation PPD 4 focuses on your Body
5. Foundation PPD 5 focuses on Integration

Foundation PPD 1 (Here) enhances and extends your awareness of physical reality - your body and your surroundings on atomic, cellular, body, mind and self levels. It grounds and centres you in everyday experience exactly as it is.

Foundation PPD 2 (Mind) works on processing and releasing your limiting habits and patterns rooted in your survival instincts. It processes and calms the survival instincts, freeze, flight and fight, also food and sex, so that you process your feelings and fixed, limiting ideas quickly in the moment, you take appropriate action, and move on.

Foundation PPD 3 (Now) enhances and roots your awareness in the present moment on atomic, cellular, body, mind and self levels. It brings your awareness of any particular moment into deeper connection to your inner stillness.

NOW is a greatly overlooked phenomena of living. It is the only time in which you can experience reality directly. It is the only time you can act. However, in your everyday experience you will tend to dwell in the past and worry about the future inducing stress which makes it impossible to live to your full potential. So your ability to be fully present in NOW is a core secret to success in expressing your personal talents.

Foundation PPD 4 (Body) releases acquired limiting habits and patterns on atomic, cellular and body levels. Enhancing natural processes it enables your body to work at its maximum capacity. Your body then is able to create new healthier freer habits, function more efficiently and cope better with all kinds of stress.

Foundation PPD 5 (Integration) synchronises and unites all the PPD effects, connecting them into one harmonious living process in you.

Each Foundation PPD is about 3 minutes long.


This PPD set is for pro sports and keen amateurs and it’s for enhancing sports performance. Over half of individual athletes up to Olympic level who used Sports PPDs performed better than ever before. One young tennis player shot to No. 80 in the world juniors from No. 243 after listening to PPDs. One archer shot up from nowhere in the rankings to No. 2 in the world while still listening to PPDs.

Sports PPDs lessen obstacles to sports performance and enhance concrete skills so that the training, performance and coaching can produce its best results.

First and foremost, Sports PPDs aim at
• enhancing the present moment, where the action is
• bringing out natural talents
• calming the survival instincts (performance nerves, for example)

In addition each PPD also has a specific purpose
1. Sports PPD 1 focuses on commitment
2. Sports PPD 2 focuses on concentration
3. Sports PPD 3 focuses on communications (listening and talking)
4. Sports PPD 4 focuses on endurance
5. Sports PPD 5 focuses on creativity
6. Sports PPD 6 brings you in the Zone

Many top sportsmen like Tiger Woods, the $100 million a year man, famous also for his high level of commitment to his golf (!), are successful because they are able to play with complete mental stillness in the moment of action.

In many cases, the quality of your communication with the manager, coach, and the team is a strong competitive advantage.

Creativity is also critical in sports performance in order to improvise and react quickly and effectively during a match or event.
We discovered that a core mind obstacles to sports performance are your over active survival instincts, freeze, flight and fight. Excessive defensiveness (fight) for example leads to increased tension internally and then to injury on a physical level and then the inability to recover from the injury. Excessive flight leads to performance nerves, hesitation, burnout etc. Excessive freeze to under performance, running out of air, poor endurance etc. Every Sports PPD addresses these issues.


This PPD set enhances the quality of your relationships by calming down your hyperactive survival instincts and by this means calming down your negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Negative emotions are not a natural state of being but are the directly consequences of artificially hyperactive survival instincts. Emotions like guilt, resentment, anger, jealousy etcetera prevent you from deeply opening up to other people, building quality relationships and expressing positive feeling. When these calm down it naturally gives space for positive feelings like, joy, compassion, forgiveness, tenderness and intimacy.

Relationships require you to understand the close other’s basic needs. www.5lovelanguages.com gives you basic info all couples need to know. You and your partner will basically need one/two of these primarily love languages. You will recognise which one you need and you can tell your partner and vice versa. This makes relationships SO MUCH EASIER! The key languages are these. Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch.

PPDs will help you and your partner understand these, use them, and relax into a much deeper and fulfilling relationship. For example if your partner needs quality time and you provide gifts, it simply won’t work. Just give them the love language their basic nature needs, and they will soften like melting butter. If you refuse to do this, (you definitely need PPDs), then don’t expect much sex or great sex. Many men and women find giving touch really difficult. They are simply too scared to get sensitively close. You can measure this by how long you can closely, sensitively, lovingly hug. 5 seconds is common and minimal, one minute much better, 5 minutes amazing. After PPDs, expect 5 minute full body hugs! And what follows!

Relate PPD Set includes
1. Relate PPD 1 enhances confidence and courage
2. Relate PPD 2 enhance ability to listen
3. Relate PPD 3 improves verbal communication
4. Relate PPD 4 enhances touch, sensuality and sexuality
5. Relate PPD 5 supports trust and honesty
6. Relate PPD 6 enhances kindness, compassion and forgiveness

They all work on the hyperactive survival instincts.
Listen to PPDs in suggested sequence.


The School PPD Set helps your children to learn better at school by enhancing specific skills and
reducing obstacles to learning. The set is designed for children of all ages not only those
attending school.

Our research shows that children who listened to PPDs
• felt calmer and more relaxed (100%)
• reported increase in their physical fitness (36%)
• achieved better results at school and in sports (both 55%)
• reported having more energy in life (64%)
• it could be observed that children suffering from ADHD experienced decrease in
symptoms (73%)

The School PPD Set is rooted in two key items
• enhancing specific learning attributes
• reducing survival instincts and learning blocks so learning can take place

Each PPD works on calming the survival instincts which are
freeze – panic, poor concentration, fear
flight – nerves, restlessness, day dreaming
fight – resistance, stubbornness, aggression

The School Set PPDs also address the central issues of learning, concentration and confidence.
When you are concentrated you can learn anything, but when you do not pay attention,
learning can’t happen.
Confidence is likewise critical to persevering with learning and maintaining motivation.

The School PPD set also increases the brain pathways for
• literacy and numeracy
• logic and reasoning
• cognition
• communication

The School PPD set is concluded with two energy booster PPDs as energy to aid concentration.

The School PPD includes 8 PPDs

1. School PPD 1 focuses on enhancing confidence
2. School PPD 2 focuses on enhancing concentration
3. School PPD 3 focuses on cognitive blocks resolution
4. School PPD 4 focuses on enhancing numeracy and literacy
5. School PPD 5 focuses on enhancing logic and reasoning
6. School PPD 6 focuses on enhancing communication (listening, verbal and non-verbal communication)
7. School PPD 7 is an energy booster 1
8. School PPD 8 is an energy booster 2

If a child lacks energy for any reason, you can choose PPD 7 and 8 first and then the rest in
numerical order.

The School PPD set provides a foundation for learning.
To get the most out of this Set the process needs to involve attention
and support from parents, exciting inspiring teachers and a positive social setting.



Listen to each FOUNDATION PPD once a day for 9 days.
Wait 3 weeks after the 9 day sequence for the effects to sink in.
Then listen to the next PPD.
These PPDs are about 2 minutes long.
Use stereo headphones if possible.
Concentrate fully with maximum calm, at peace, attention while listening.
Listen to them in numerical order.

Listen to each PPD once a day for 7 days, but feel free to listen more often.
Wait 1 week after the 7 day sequence for the effects to sink in.
Then listen to the next PPD.
Use stereo headphones if possible.
Concentrate fully with maximum calm, at peace, attention while listening.
These PPDs are about 3 minutes long.
Listen to them in numerical order.

Put the PPDs on your desktop, or on an iPod, MP3/4 player or CD.
We recommend that you focus on each PPD’s purpose during the days of listening to the PPD and in the days afterwards.

PPD™ Technology

PPD™ technology is supplied to the general public as above and by specific sets of PPDs supplied by businesses that work with people. For example coaches and therapists and professional trainers can integrate them into their own web sites. They can also be supplied to filmmakers, script writers, and water bottling plant’s. PPDs can in principle be made to enhance just about anything.

To persevere down this path please contact Peter Chappell - peterlchappell@gmail.com. In the beginning it’s best to try a PPD so that you know they work because there is no other realistic evidence. Only your personal experience can tell you they work.

There is a book in preparation talking about the basic concepts involved in PPDs. It’s an e-book called Best Friend, Ego Friend by Peter Chappell and will soon be available on request free of charge. There is also a book in preparation about the same technology applied to diseases, here the same technology is called PC Resonances, supplied through homeopathic pharmacies. This is a specialist book for holistic medical practitioners.

Peter Chappell is available to give presentations.

Testimonials and FAQS

People who already listened to PPDs told us:
• I feel much more energy
• I am less nervous
• I am less forgetful
• My communication with my surroundings improved
• I recovered from flu much faster than before
• I don’t take so much to heart
• I have less anxiety and fear for the future
• I am less vulnerable to remarks
• My singing teacher said my voice had improved
• I fall asleep quicker
• I became more creative, started writing
• I started exercising


During and after listening to PPDs I became much more focused and concentrated, which is very
helpful in my work as a manager of a marketing department. I also got the spirit to finally start
sports again and it went amazingly well, both at physical and performance level. (July 2011)

From the moment I started listening to PPDs my life has changed quite a bit. For many years I
wanted to change my diet, but I never did, till 3 months ago, the difference is 10 kg and no sweat.
There also were some bad memories from my love life. Fear kept me from clearing my past, but
suddenly it all went very smoothly and without any effort I had a few freeing conversations with
my ex boyfriends! (July 2011)

MICHAL R., sales manager at FONTEA a.s., CZ
Question: What effect has listening to PPDs had on your work?
Answer: Enormous. Actually I cannot see much of a difference in my personal life but I can tell
there are clear changes in my approach to work. I see things positively now. I am not frustrated
by failures because I know I have done my best. PPDs help me to focus on important tasks and
finish them. When I fulfill them successfuly, it is great. When I fail I take it simply as a failure
and not as my personal insufficiency. I used to look for a mistake in me, I often suffered from
disappointment and self blame and I did not start new projects with enough enthusiasm. This
led to an overall frustration, conflicts with my boss etc. Thank you. It isn't the first time you have
helped me… (February 2011)

My sons, who both compete in swiming (modern pentathlon)listened to PPD performance during
the spring of 2010 for nine weeks. After finishing the whole cycle of PPDs they both improved their
personal bests in all swimming disciplines. David became five time champion of the region and
reached the second twice and the forth position twice in the Czech Championship of the ten year
olds. IN the modern pentathlon he became the champion of the Czech Republic in the E category
and won the Czech Cup for the year 2010. Igor spends more time doing the pentathlon but he
also gain second position in the regional swimming in one hundred in breast stroke, and in the
Czech Republic Championship in the D category he won second position as he did also in the
Czech Cup competition. Igor calmed down. They both trust themselves more. (November 2010)

So my first experience with PPD I would describe as pleasant...so I see it helps me to get the
needed information, together with the actual emotion, to my conscious awareness. With that
I can get empowered, see over the issue and work with it as necessary. It helps on the way to
wholeness...I saw some parts of my teenage years, where I strengthened my feeling of
imperfection, or better, the feeling that my work is worth nothing... it is good sometimes to
remember these moments and the fact how deep wounds or blows we deal ourselves only
because we have fixed beliefs about how the world works... The second time I listened was
different. It reminded me of the feeling of abundance!

"Since I started listening to PPDs I laugh from my heart. Even though I have some problems
or worries I am able to "detach" myself from them and find joy elsewhere more easily. (October 2010)

OLGA, a teacher, CZ
Thanks to the regular listening to PPDs I managed the very demanding work of a teacher at the
end of the school year. PPDs keep my feet on the ground, I now respond to unexpected situations
calmly and the "daily stereotypes" of life have become more enjoyable. (August 2010)

I would like to share with you my experience of listening to PPD Here. In the beginning I didn't
really believe it very much. But later on looking back, I realised that right from the very start I
felt calmer, more balanced and that the depression state that totally ruled my mind may still be
here but have no dominant position. They maybe be still part of my life, but don't have priority.
I progressed very much in a way that I am not afraid to go out on my own (it used to be a great
problem - fear of people that was expressed through loud laughter or other ways of attracting
attention but all the while I was feeling alone and lonely). Thank you for the chance to know and
experience calmness and personal comfort that the download brought into my life. (July 2010)

ALBERT, a translator, CA
"I'm calmer. No stress. Communication has definitely improved. I am more confident. I do what
I want or need to do and don’t think about it too much. I don’t worry about what I say and say ‘no’
when I need to, which used to be a problem. If I do feel a little panic, I can handle it better than
before. I started to jog and exercise more. The work of PPD is very subtle, but I can feel the
difference...."(May 2010)

S., Vice President, Fortune 500 Corporation, UK
"25 years in high flying jobs at large corporations may come at a cost reflected on your person
and/or your loved ones. In my case, it was on my ability to get a good night sleep; 3 to 4 hours
of restless pattern that affected even my desire to go to bed the following night. I must admit I
was never a big believer in unconventional approaches to physical or medical issues, and I was
not really targeting this particular problem when I tried the PPDs, but I was amazed by the change
it brought to my life. I think I'm much calmer and relaxed, now, and I truly look forward to going
to bed every night.
My son is currently going through the teenage phase which seems to impact his ability to sleep,
as well. I'm thinking of introducing him to PPDs." (Oct 09)

MICHAL G., an interpreter, CZ
"I have been using PPD's for almost a year. My usual hay-fever attacks did not come back this
spring and summer. I managed to quit smoking with milder withdrawal symptoms than I had
experienced in previous attempts. I feel more motivated, creative, upbeat, and
in tune with my body. Thank you." (July 2009)

MARKÉTA D., an accountant, CZ
“PPD influenced me in a way that I can experience my everyday reality on deeper
level. The ordinary things are more intense – a walk with children, reading a book,
even shopping. I am calmer, more patient. And generally more joyous. It seems as
if I have more energy - I can manage more in a day than I thought I could. I also
notice that it is easier for me to finish things properly – before I really had to force
myself often. During listening my husband and I considered and started changing the way we eat
and what we eat. We started to eat differently and we stick to it. When my husband lost his job I
was shaken, nevertheless very soon I processed it and shook it off. Before I would be stressing for
days. I have a need to be creative – I started making jewellery.” (Sept 09)

ANNA S., in retirement, CZ (PPD Here and Now)
„I could tell the difference already after my first download, PPD HERE. I am more balanced, my
feelings of anxiety and dejection are gone. I feel overall significantly better. I am also more
decisive.“ (May 2010)
The same person after listening to PPD NOW:

„I found myself doing more things during the day and having much more energy than before
at the same time. I had a feeling that the download charged me with new energy every time I
listened to it.“ (June 2010)

JANA H., CZ (PPD Here)
„I am in a greater harmony with nature, I can sense I am much more grounded. I feel greater
inner calmness. I am more balanced and calmer when interacting with other people.“ (June 2010)

JIRINA K., a pediatrician, CZ (PPD Now)
„I began to better set my personal boundaries. When I find myself in a conflict I let go of subsequent
emotions and feelings much faster than before.“ (June 2010)

KAMILA B., a teacher, CZ (PPD Here and Now)
„When I was listening to PPDs I was surprised by the amount of energy I could feel coming and
emotions which arose in me. I am suddenly very clear about things happening in my life. I just
let things flow and observe them.“ (June 2010)

PETRA C., on maternity leave, CZ (PPD Now)
„The number of days when I have intense feelings of happiness has increased. The greatest effect
for me though is the fact that I recently haven’t had a day when I could not breathe.“(June 2010)

D., CZ

"I cannot listen to the download when I want to lie down and relax because it makes me concentrate
more and that wakes me up again." (May 2010)

"I have this feeling that my face relaxed. Apparently I have a different smile now. I feel in better
contact with myself. I noticed I like green colour now – which is funny, I normally don’t like green.
I started being hungry and cook for myself properly. " (May 2010)

"First I started being really angry. Even about trifles. In time, though, I noticed that the things that
bothered me before bother me a lot less. For a few moments I had a feeling of perfect grounding –
I noticed I had my feet firmly on the ground. I am more in my body." (June 2010)

"It stood me firmly with my feet on the ground. I deal with things in front of me and concentrate
on present moment. Even though I know that the next day is difficult I can still sleep well and
don´t wake up at night – I used to be nervous and I couln't sleep. I don´t put pressure on myself
because of most things now, I´m calmer. It is as if I saw things clearer. I ´m content with my
life and can manage well. I take better care to prepare food for myself and don´t over do it."
(June 2010)

A., CZ
"I applied to go to a school, I would like to follow a further education. I bought a stepper and stopped
by at the hairdressers´ (after quite a long time). I have time to put my make up on in the morning,
to listen to music – and I feel like playing guitar again. My diet changed. And I am planning a change
in my relationship too." (June 2010)

"I still have my food craving but it is getting a sort of conscious, that I can look at it and don't react
on it sometimes. There has been a wonderful transformation is that I now can live more out of love
in a new relationship I have, instead of being defensive as a reaction to former experiences. That is
a huge change. My partner noticed a big change. And that is really wonderful. I am more loving,
streaming, less defensive and hard and controlled. But in the meanwhile also knowing very clearly
what I want. And the reading goes fine as well, which was one of my goals." (April 2010)

"I noticed a definite improvement in my acceptance of myself and others. I recognize the criticism
sooner and am consciously able to let it go. I feel generally happier but it is noticeable that this
state is now requiring more active maintenance. My sister commented I was the happiest she had
seen me when we met at Christmas." (April 2010)


"I am noticing a general change for better. I am more active, I can organize my day better and I
can manage everything I want to do." (April 2010)

"The biggest change I can pinpoint is a better sense of balance about my interaction with other
people, with the schedule I have to conform to, with my expectation of myself. I am better able
to assess what need to be done, what can wait, what needs to be said – and to put all those
decisions into practice very fast.
I assess very fast what can be done, make clear communication about what I can and cannot do,
have no hesitation pointing out when it´s more appropriate that the other person do something.
Without resentment. I get a lot done now, with minimal stress. I have always been very aware of
my body and senses, so there is not a change but simply put I back myself better. Any tendency
to spend time dithering and wallowing in stasis, self-doubt or self-accusation seems to be
disappearing. But without a sense of hurry." (March 2010)

"PPD have a stimulating influence on me, I am more comfortable with myself and I sleep better."
(March 2010)

TAŤÁNA NETOLIČKOVÁ, a former 400 metres runner, the gold medaillist in
1984 European Athletics Indoor Championships, an athletic coach and the
director of the centre for sports CISO, cz
I would like to thank you for your PPDs. I felt considerable relief because
I managed to get rid of dwelling on the trivialities and focus on essential
issues. I became calmer and focused better on my work and I felt content.
Human being always searches and finds new things. And gains new experiences
for which I am grateful to you. (Nov 09)

MARKÉTA S., archery, international and paralympic level, cz
Markéta is an archer competing on the international and paralympic level. This year she won the silver medal in the World Championship. “Listening to PPDs calmed me down. I could concentrate better. I could literally see the arrows cluster closer together. I could see the results in training and in competitions.” (Oct 09)

ROMANA G., hammer throw, national and international level, cz
Romana is an athlete, her discipline is a hammer throw. This year, while on PPD she finally achieved
long awaited shift in her personal best. See more in video testimonials.
“I was not very successful in competitions in recent years. I knew I could throw farther but I used to
be nervous a lot. I got a chance to try PPDs and after about three months into regular listening I had
several important competitions. I felt good, I wasn’t nervous and I had good perception of my body
movement. I achieved my personal best several times. My personal best before PPDs was 61,11
metres. During the time I listened to PPDs I reached first 61,32 metres and then 61,72 metres.
And there I managed to stabilize my performance and upkeep it even if I was for example tired.
I was surprised that I managed more in my daily life, too.“ (Sept 09)

We are very keen to back up PPDs with hard data, with an actual lab research.
Right now we are looking at fMRI and Biomechanics Research.

fMRI Research
We carried out fMRI research using 7 executives who listened to the same PPD while having their brain scanned by this latest technology.
The experiment was blinded as no one in the experiment or conducting the experiment knew what resonance was embedded in the PPD.
We also blinded the experiment by using blank PPDs and real ones in sequence.
The research showed this.
The regions activated by PPDs more than by the blank ones were regions of face and shape recognition (fusiform gyrus) that could convey certain changes in the human perception. The activation is visible also in the posterior cingulum, activated often during resting state (default mode) and thus serves as a marker of self awareness and resting state.
This says effectively that the PPDs have an effect upon human perception and awareness.

The really old “reptilian brain” areas as brainstem were not activated. The Active PPD was programmed with a resonance to induce absolute stillness so this corresponds exactly to the intended PPD effect.

These results are very inexact and insubstantial because of the small sample size. All that can be said is that they point in the direction that confirms PPDs do act as intended.

We have carried out a pioneering study of biomechanical testing which we have early results from. The resulted showed that an injured Achilles tendon improved 5% after listening to PPDs for 10 minutes. Effectively, a 30 minute experiment consists of walking while being measured for 10x1 minute walks, listening to PPDs for ten minute, and walking again for 10x 1 minute.
The results showed increased flexibility in the injured Achilles tendon by 5%.

It’s hard to see what else could cause this change in 10 minutes.

The PPD she listened to was a normal Injury Recovery PPD, made for her personally and for injury and for her over activated survival instincts in the reptilian brain –fight/flight/freeze. It was 3 minutes long, she listened 3 times between the lab walks.
The way we understand this is there are two processes involved in injury repair: the natural injury repair process which the PPD highlights and thereby reinvigorates and the survival linked fears about the injury which restrict recovery. These fears in our analysis are based on primitive survival fears (e.g. she can no longer escape when she can’t run) which are both invalid and over active because of our common history of extreme violence last century.
This was technically a one off proof of concept/pioneer study and we intended only to see if research this way was a practical idea. We need to repeat this whole measurement sequence 10 to 20 times to get statistically significant results.
We understand that really new ideas results have to be very convincing to break through the walls of scientific and natural skepticism, disbelieve and dismissal. With a new technology on the cutting edges of many areas, we think concrete measurable results are essential.
We plan to conduct further lab research using methods which will clearly demonstrate the effects of PPDs.

Results of 10 Top Athletes’ Performance Using Mind and Body PPDs

The PPDs were used by athletes who competed at
Olympic or Paralympic Games
international competitions
national competitions
This was a mixed group comprising:
• archers
• heptathletes
• wrestlers
• sprinters
• throwers
• long-distance runners
• high jumpers
• others

For each athlete a series of personalised performance downloads (PPDs) was made.
We chose athletics as our key focus in our research study, as individual athletes have definite performance markers:
• running time
• length or height of jump
• score, marking etc.
This allowed us to accurately measure the effectiveness of PPDs.

These top athletes convincingly demonstrated that PPDs do help athletes achieve higher levels of:
• athletic performance
• performance in life in general

1. Personal Bests
60% of those who could achieve personal bests in a clearly measurable way did so during the period that they were listening to PPDs.
All of these people had no experience with PPDs and in some cases a strong disbelief that PPDs could achieve anything.
For example, an international-level hammer thrower increased her throwing distance best from the previous three years by 70cms, and this was sustained in every throw, whether she was tired or not.

2. Significant performance improvements
Many of them had consistently increased performance and consistent personal bests compared to previous years.
Even if they did not achieve personal bests, their performance steadily increased, competition by competition, in clearly obvious ways.
For example, in archery, the arrows were all more tightly clustered around the bull's-eye consistently. Later, the archer shot up from nowhere in the rankings to No. 2 in the world while still listening to PPDs.
3. Calming down
In the final report athletes stated that they calmed down and subsequently:
their focus and concentration improved, one of the clear reasons they performed better
they paid less attention to their mistakes, were less stressed and nervous, less distracted by others, and could concentrate more intensely upon the task
less time was spent ruminating over mistakes.
4. Better sleep and/or waking up refreshed
We could generalise that from better sleep, they were more deeply refreshed and able to face the day better. One athlete, for example, who all his life had taken an hour to wake up, started consistently waking up refreshed to the amazement of his mother. This was a completely new experience for both.
5. Increased Speed
Almost all of the athletes reported an increase in speed in some way relevant to their performance. For example, the paralympic archer could shoot faster, the time of aiming and hesitation reduced to good effect.
6. Increased Creativity and Enjoyment
In some cases, creativity markedly improved, and athletes reported
developing new moves or remembering old ones
performing just for fun
enjoying their sport more
becoming more creative in their coaching and enjoying it a lot more, as did their students.
7. Increased Energy
Almost all of the athletes reported significant increases in energy in their sport activities and also in their personal lives.
8. Time Management
Athletes reported:
being able to do more things within the time available.
taking up new activities like learning a language; one added another job to her schedule – training kids – and, to her surprise, still being able to organize her time effectively.
9. Improved eating habits
Several sports people reported improved eating habits as well as better control over their appetite.
10. Improved learning
Naturally, with the increased concentration in their personal lives, students also increased their ability to learn. It was very common to report enhanced learning ability and passing exams with greater calmness, composure, and so on.
In one extreme case, one athlete went from reading 10 books in his lifetime to reading three in a month while listening to PPDs because he could concentrate so much better.

This whole research was carried out in a span of 6-12 months.

From scientific point of view it was just a pilot study. Our plan is continue with research.

The results of the effects of PPD used by sports people are mutually confirmed by the effects of PPD used by non-sport participants of the research.


How are my PPDs delivered?
* By Email directly to e mail address selected
Is my PPD complete?
* PPDs are typically 2MB in size, is about 2 minutes long.
* With this come listening instructions.
* If the file with your PPD is different to this, send it back to us with a query.

All my PPDs sound the same
* All the PPDs that you get sound similar, but they are in fact all subtly but very different.

I bought my PPDs and they didn't arrive!
* PPDs take on average 3 to 5 days to arrive
Please check the following things before you contact us:
* Has it been more than 5 days since your purchase?
* Did you check your spam/junk e-mail?
* Is your inbox full? PPD files are up to about 2 MB each, so it’s a large parcel (Is there room for it in your inbox?)
If you have checked all the above and it takes more than 5 days for your PPDs to arrive, please contact peterlchappell@gmail.com to check what went wrong.

If I miss a day or more, does it matter?

The PPDs seem too strong to me.
* If you feel that the PPDs act too strongly or disturb you too much, listen less often. Listen every other day perhaps.
* Give yourself and your PPDs more time to process your issues and follow your intuition as to how often to listen.

Are these PPDs something like the new Walkman audio-visual device or like relaxation music or audio brain wave technology?
No is the short answer to all these.
* This is not like relaxation music, nor Brain Wave technology.
* The sea wave sounds we use are only the carriers of the technology, not the technology itself.
* Relaxation music has less technology within it and is not specifically targeting restrictive and limiting feelings or thoughts or highlighting your hidden qualities. It’s just generally relaxing.
* Music can be relaxing and enjoyable -- this is self evident --but it’s not a technology with a built-in focus.
Likewise, new gadgets like the audio/visual one discussed above are just that: cool gadgets without an underlying purposeful technology.
The same applies to other forms of brain wave stimulating sounds.
* They may well stimulate inner brain activity in a good and generally helpful way, but there is no specific targeting technology to it.
* It’s like a general mind tonic, possibly inducing helpful mind states that then help you.
* It’s helpful, but not a specific technology in the way PPD Resonance Technology exactly targets you conscious mind and the limiting, restrictive thoughts/feelings in you.

Will I become dependent or addicted when I stop PPDs?
* PPDs are not addictive.

Is it the sea waves that do it?
* No.
* It is the PPD Resonance Technology embedded in each PPD which does the job.

How long does it take for PPDs to work?
* While some effects and results can be quite clear immediately, or sometime within a day, for some people, repetition is normally needed over a period of 7- 9 days for each PPD.
* For example, if your confidence grows because your resistance to doing things has been reduced, your confidence may continue to grow and grow, and it will sort of become a self-fulfilling upward spiral, with the full implications of this lasting months or a year.

Is there a sequence to using PPDs?
The individual downloads are offered in a logical sequence for processing specific issues addressed by each PPD.

What are the ways to know that PPDs work?
Most often it is that fact that you feel calmer – most people see this themselves.
And also: Your coach, teacher, mentor, friend comments that come spontaneously.
Your sports ranking shifts, exam results start getting better, job promotion or unexpected pay increase happens etc.
Often quite simply you make big life changes.

It’s hard to understand PPDs can work.
Yes, we understand and agree.
This is a normal and natural response.
* PPDs are unknown because they really are new technology.
* There is nothing quite like them.
* The only way to get over this hurdle in our opinion is to try one. There is no substitute for personal experience.
* The natural science behind the technology is as old as the hills, but the PC Resonance Technology is very new. We have checked this out and we have not found anybody else who has anything really like it, although there are many relaxation downloads. These just don’t have the technology.
Amongst the athletes and everyone else using PPDs, there was disbelief or at least some reservations that PPDs could do anything.
This was completely understandable for us.
The concept that there is something to which you can listen to for just 2 minutes a day and see an improvement, in some cases dramatically, in your life or athletic performance is something completely new.
In line with this disbelief and even after quite remarkable performance results
* almost all of the athletes found PPDs a very hard concept to understand
* quite a few did not associate the effects of the PPDs with their performance.
For example, an international hammer thrower noticed general improvements in throwing, yet did not connect her achieving a consistent new personal best, which had not shifted in three years, at all to PPDs.
Success was not attributed to the training and PPDs, but only to training, as that is familiar.
Had we not monitored the athletes over the period and brought it to their attention, many would have missed the PPD effect completely in some cases!
Some common responses were as follows:
* ‘Is it really this easy? Only 2 minutes a day?’
* Oh, you’re the “magic waves” person! So it’s magic! -
In reality new things do happen. Who could have imagined the internet 30 years ago? Normally, when new things happen, they are first denied and ridiculed and later believed. Here are some quotes from the past:
* “Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.” (Lord Kelvin, president of the Royal Society, 1895)
* “Unworthy of the attention of practical and scientific men.” (British Parliamentary Committee report on Edison’s electric light bulb).

You want to manipulate my mind!
* PPDs in no way manipulate the mind, but in fact stop the mind manipulating you.
* You are not your thinking, but you have belief structures and old emotions which limit you, many of them in fact.
* If you are riddled with the feelings of guilt or failure or that you are no good or will never succeed, these old thoughts are manipulating you!
* PPDs reduce these hidden but constantly manipulating thoughts.
* PPDs put you in charge!


I am not an athlete – can I use PPDs?
The answer to this question is simply yes. We give lots of athletic examples, results, testimonials, as this is a fruitful research area and where very concrete results are possible. Athletic results, like running faster are very measurable PPD effects. But the PPD effects apply equally to everyone.

What if I am sick, can PPDs help me?
* Sickness means that your mind and body energy structures are not necessarily working well, and if they are not working well, they may need repair first before using PPDs.
* You don't fine tune a car if the engine has a broken fan belt. You do the repair first.

What if I don't follow a healthy lifestyle?
* Again, you can't make a car run well on poor fuel, and if you are serious about improving your life, then you have to take the whole of your life into account and do all the obvious things that could make your body and mind work better.
* It's hard to imagine that if you eat badly and don't exercise that you really want to perform well or be fit.
* The mind and body are intimately connected, and for one to work well, you need the other one to do its best, too.

How do PPDs come to exist?
PPDs were invented by Peter Chappell and developed further by our team over a ten year period of research and development. The team took the original ideas and developed them into the present PPDs.

What about talk-talk therapies and coaching?
In Sports Coaching it is common to use techniques like mental toughness, mental preparation, emotional control, motivation, developing focus and to stress learning lots of moves by heart so that they become natural. While these are excellent techniques they are working from our perspective from the outside in and trying to deal with an invisible enemy, a disturbed mental core. Our PPD approach is to go straight to the disturbed mental core and use resonance to calm it down, to work on the inside out.. We have demonstrated that this works with well-established athletes. We think this is a win-win situation where the existing techniques will have a multiplier effect and will reach much deeper when used in combination with PPDs.
Talk-talk systems of therapy and coaching do not easily reach into the old reptilian brain and cannot readily deal with the survival level of a problem. There are many levels to the brain/mind, in simple terms the thinking mind, the nurturing mind, the survival mind and the conscious mind. The survival brain is not easily talked to and is very disturbed at the moment due to history and the future facing us and this is what needs dealing with. The conscious mind needs building up; its to do with concentration, focus and being present, in the zone.
Not only does this work from our experience with PPDs but it means that communication between athlete and coach also improve especially if both of them listen to PPDs because they are not then rattling each other's survival instincts. Any sense of threat for example is bound to activate survival instincts which is counterproductive to any form of communication.
Talks therapies and mental techniques then
* work more with the newer, frontal parts of the brain, but don’t reach the back.
* It took a long time to realise this.
* Stanislav Grof talks about it in his book Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research
* It seems that while psychological work with talk-talk therapies can be very helpful -- it can generate amazing insights, for example -- it has limitations as it doesn't get to the deeper issues. Even talk therapy of 20, 30 or 40 years doesn't do this. It's just not the right tool for the job.
This same idea applied to motivational speakers and seminars of this type.
They scratched well below the surface, and although they appeared great at the time, they don't go deep enough. They need the support of things like PPDs to make them last..
PPDs will support talk therapies and coaching, complement them, and add to them the parts that they did not manage to address.

PPDs were invented by Peter Chappell after over 50 years of work on resonance for personal enhancement, work in which he continues to be active today.
Peter was born in the middle of World War II. He followed a technical education, and at 16 joined a manufacturing and research company that was on the leading edge of aircraft and rocket research. This was the legacy of Winston Churchill's efforts to help England to be strong and independent during the Cold War.
Thanks to an outstanding technical education, he enjoyed great opportunities and managed to gain high-tech work experience. By the time he was 22, he had an electronics engineering degree and was a research engineer in an R&D laboratory. There, electromagnetism became one of his specialities. In this job, he also came to understand the inner game of inventing.
He worked briefly at Boeing in the USA and then went to Cambridge University for a post-graduate course in control engineering.
He then turned to commercial inventions:
An early magnetic card-based cash dispenser.
An early word processor/internet type device, before the terms were even invented.
He had his name attached to three patents at this point.
When he was about 28, he began a lateral shift into the practice of natural holistic medicine and homeopathy. He had discovered and found it to be logical and rational, with a precise process and a logical explanation of how health is created.
He realised that people often get sick from restrictive, limiting patterns of thought and emotions. Gradually, the restrictions move from the level of our mind into the level of the body as ‘stuckness', where they gradually turn into concrete symptoms and finally diseases as we grow older.
From 40 years of practice, he realised that helping people get healthy was really a way of helping them to
• function better
• perform better
• be successful
Peter spent the last decade of the last century teaching homeopathy and organising teams of homeopaths. With them he set up courses and professions in 20 countries where homeopathy either did not exist or was not very well developed.
This included a number of countries in the former communist block of Eastern Europe as well as in the Middle East and Central America. Millions of people gained access to homeopathy in their countries as a result of this team work. There are now professions and colleges which are continuously training people in many countries.
At the turn of the millennium, when he was 60 years old, Peter decided to move on and went to work in Ethiopia, treating AIDS exclusively. He gave up his practice, took out a loan and went to Africa where the AIDS epidemic was gathering momentum and seemingly nobody was focusing on a holistic approach using resonance to treat it. He sat in a clinic working in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia for a year and just treated patients with AIDS. From this he discovered that the resonance approach to AIDS was highly effective.
In the process of going around African countries giving demonstrations, running clinics and teaching, Peter went to Rwanda and applied the same ideas to the effects of genocide.
As far as he could judge, he was able to treat the long lasting emotional pain of genocide using resonance more effectively than any other treatment that had been used in the past 11 years.
Since that time, he and his colleagues have kept up the momentum to try and get this new approach to disease and violence implemented in Africa, because it has many advantages over the conventional medical approach. Peter is the chairman of a foundation dedicated to this purpose - www.arhf.nl
From these experiences with resonance in Africa and with the help of some brilliant colleagues from around the world, Peter formulated PPD Resonance Technology and PPDs.
It took him approximately ten years from the inception of the idea to creating actual PPDs. There were many steps in the invention process, both in theory and practice. The core is a deep understanding of the mental processes of human beings.

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