Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flight in normal life

Flight is addictive and everyone’s doing it. Our modern everyday reality reflects this:  Fox news is classic hyped TV. BBC TV executives have steadily hyped the program makers over decades into speedy TV. The TV news is all hyped, rapid changing, no-depth stories, a lot of distraction in the form of ads in between the already hurried tempo… all to get our attention. Instant TV for very hyped people. We are all living in the same goldfish bowl of speedy addiction, thinking it’s normal.

Accumulating hyped flight survival instinct, unresolved for many generations, now is showing in the growing number of hyperactive children. I’ve heard from several people calling it epidemic.... These hyperactive kids are now everywhere globally with continuing into hyped adulthood.

We only have to imagine being in a chronic hyped up state to get the idea of the consequences commonly seen in kids today.

  • are easily distracted
  • miss details
  • forget things
  • frequently switch from one activity to another
  • have difficulty focusing on one thing
  • become bored easily
  • have trouble sitting still
  • are very impatient, can’t wait
It’s not that hyper active kids are becoming common, it’s that they are the worse cases of a common problem everyone has. They are the proverbial tip of the iceberg of a global agitation.

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