Friday, February 12, 2010

How did it all start

It all started in my neighbour’s cottage. I stopped by to chat a bit with Honza, an ice-hockey coach and former pro. He told me about his new team he was coaching and since Honza knows that I was a homeopath for forty years, he turned the discussion to questioning me about natural ways to enhance his players’ talents and abilities. I don’t believe in coincidence so guess what?

By then my head was already buzzing with new ideas that would shift the technology I developed from healing and dealing with health issues to supporting people’s potentials and life fulfilment so they will not get to health problems at all.

During the many years of my practice in England and Africa and in other parts of the world I came to several simple conclusions and one of them was that people who enjoy their life, fulfil their potentials and therefore performed better in all walks of life, were healthier, with stronger immunity system, with greater zest for life and longer fruitful years to live.

So why wait for illness? It doesn’t have to come. We do not have to suffer through life and die of many illnesses if we allow ourselves to life fully, to dare to truly enjoy live.

My first step, which I have found works for me every time, is to get hands on. Reading books and research I find second hand by comparison. In my experience there is nothing like finding out for yourself. So I interviewed the whole ice hockey team, one at a time, to find out for myself what was the problem they each had with the mental game of ice hockey.

A fantastic challenge presented itself to put the ideas into practice. That was the beginning of the fruitful cooperation with sports people and athletes that lasts until today.

And the result is PPDs (personal performance downloads – you can read more about them on our website

For past two years I was thoroughly researching many subjects connected with better or increased performance in sport and in life in general. I was drawing heavily on my forty years of my experience as a homeopath and therapist working with vastly varied environments with many interesting people and especially my patients and clients who were a true well of wisdom for me. I also ploughed through many books and articles which considered closely linked to our subject matter.

Our official website has good basic information but I decided to start this blog so I could share and discuss with others more of my thoughts and ruminations on various topics. Map the journey and navigate through the vastness of knowledge to better understanding.

There is no reason why you and I and all the other people could not live our greatness. And I am happy I can support that journey with my knowledge, experience and discoveries I made throughout my life.

I hope to share my path with you...


  1. Great stuff Peter. You might be interested to know that a young Scottish GP called Mickel has developed a protocol for treating ME, Fibromyalgia etc etc all based on an understanding that they result from the hypothalamus being in overdrive. He doesn't use drugs or diet but I am still trying to find out what he does do !!

  2. I agree. I think lots of ADHD and Oppositional Disorders ME and HBP etc are caused at least in part by hyped survival instincts. If you are running on adrenalin for ever, its takes little imagination to see you cant sit still, cant relax, and finally get agitated inside. It explains the educational crisis of 1 kid in 5 unable to learn, at the same time it explains why Tim Henman never won Wimbledon

  3. Hi Peter, I am really interested in what you are doing, I am a homeopath working with mainly autistic and non verbal kids, what products have you developed that I might be able to use with them please? Delighted to hear your colleague has been so helpful in Haiti and am interested in your AIDS research - is that still ongoing as I have a contact or two that might be able to help if so.

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  5. Hi Dream Rivers
    We if you read these blogs you will see that I am fairly convinced that survival instincts explain autism spectrum kids better than any other explanation I have seen. Autism is not a disease in this analysis. Its behavioral patterns bought on by our inherited violent history. Its not personal. Its part of the present human crisis.
    I know people always tend to attribute everything to their specialty, its natural, but also biased.
    But once I understood survival instincts and their impact on humanity, its impossible to miss the connection.
    Autism = Freeze - to scared to speak
    Oppositional Disorder = Fight - everyone an enemy
    Hyperactive - Flight - to restless to sit and study, cant calm down and focus
    To me its blindingly obvious. And obviously not the whole story but a significant factor to add into and enhance an intelligent treatment program.
    Greater Performance PPDs are the obvious way to deal with it if you have detoxed the obvious, if not Fitness Enhancement first.
    We now need proof. It is arriving weekly anecdotally. We need more systematic work, which is now a possibility.
    Sports however is our main focus so we rely on others to do this work. We dont have the capacity ourselves.
    Our AIDS work continues, albeit limited by lack of funds. Harry goes on a tour of India next week to try to get things started there.