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The Disease Evolution Process

What happens when a new disease occurs, is that it can be very devastating, as happened to the North American Indians when the explorers unintentionally gave them measles, they had no resistance. Millions died. Likewise with AIDS in Africa.

Resistance builds over generations just like we have built resistance to the bubonic plague, without ever having a vaccination.  Generating this resistance requires an intelligence that is normally built up over the centuries by the genetic/epigenetic intelligent mutation/adaption process. The same way as giraffes get long necks. 

What PC technology maybe facilitates, although it is too soon to say this sure,  is immediate access to this intelligence so that we don't have to wait centuries for our immune systems to catch up.  We can do it immediately, and this is incredibly revolutionary.  As well as very effective. So it's not a medical treatment as such at all, it's the necessary specific intelligence required for the immune system to deal with the disease intelligently. It seems to be a fast forward a few centuries. Problem is I can't figure out how to test this.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Medical Drug Scams of the 20th Century Which Built a $Trillon Industry

Homeopathy’s got a bad press recently because it’s been attacked by young intellectual academic medical idealists ignorant of homeopathy and funded covertly by the pharmaceutical industry.  So this is putting the other side of the story, in part.
As I pointed out in my blog about the history of medicines, all medicines are derived from plants, animals and minerals and things that occur in nature, naturally so to speak.

And that the fundamental principle of selecting what we need was derived from our intuitive knowing and first described by Samuel Hannemann, the creator of homeopathy, as like cures like. 

Like cures like is not fundamental to homeopathy, it’s fundamental to all healing and a billion year in the evolution principle.  This principle isn’t just a materialistic concept, on a level of chemistry, it involves consciousness dimensions, psychological dimensions as well as physical dimensions and it embraces all aspects known and unknown of what is to be human.

So it’s very fundamental like gravity and to ignore this fundamental principle is no small point.  The first scam in conventional pharmaceutical medicines is to ignore this principle and to stick to chemistry and apparent facts like it is helpful to some people for some period of time.  I’m not against reason and logic but they must be within the context of a greater principle of understanding the whole person, mind body and soul as some people put it. 

So to me this is the first defect of conventional pharmaceutical medicine.  It reduced the bar from mind and soul to just body chemistry.  It takes little or no notice of these higher aspects of us humans.  It tries always to reduce the argument to chemistry, hormones, nutrients et cetera and a lot of the nutritional industry plays along with this too.  It’s the smallest part of the issue, and is a consequence of the mind/soul.  
So that’s the fundamental defect of conventional medicine. 

As chemistry evolved it was possible to identify the active ingredients of herbs, of things like Digitalis, and this was the first step in creating modern medicines.  
For example, and I quote from Wikapedia in italics. Digitalis became Digoxin which is a purified cardiac glycoside similar to Digitoxin extracted from the foxglove plant, Digitalis lanata which was discovered by William Withering. Actually foxglove was in use in conventional medicine before pharmaceutical medicine and in homeopathic medicine, and in herbal medicine for thousands of years if not 100,000,000 years since life began on earth. William Withering discovered how to isolate the active ingredient, and discard the other complimentary active ingredients of foxglove as unimportant.
Its corresponding aglycone is digoxigenin, and its acetyl derivative is acetyldigoxin. Digoxin is widely used in the treatment of various heart conditions, namely atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter and sometimes heart failure that cannot be controlled by other medication.

These are the exactly similar symptoms for which digitalis would be used in homeopathy, but selected out of a range of different heart medicines according to like cures like along with 50 other possibilities to choose from according to the exact needs of the patient’s mind body and soul.  The very reason why conventional medicine doesn’t like this idea is because it requires skill to prescribe the medicine best suited to the patient on all levels of their being.  Conventional medicine has even come to believe that there is no psychological cause to diseases and to ignore this dimension altogether, although often individual doctors obviously think differently.  Interestingly doctors have the highest suicide rate of any profession.  When it comes to heart medicines the key thing is the expression of love.  When you love isn’t getting express the heart shuts down.  The rest is consequences.

Digoxin preparations are marketed under the trade names Cardigox; Cardiogoxin; Cardioxin; Cardoxin; Coragoxine; Digacin; Digicor; Digomal; Digon; Digosin; Digoxine Navtivelle; Digoxina-Sandoz; Digoxin-Sandoz; Digoxin-Zori; Dilanacin; Eudigox; Fargoxin; Grexin; Lanacordin; Lanacrist; Lanicor; Lanikor; Lanorale; Lanoxicaps; Lanoxin; Lanoxin PG; Lenoxicaps; Lenoxin; Lifusin; Mapluxin; Natigoxin; Novodigal; Purgoxin; Sigmaxin; Sigmaxin-PG; Toloxin. It is also available as a 0.05 mg/ml oral solution and 0.25 mg/ml or 0.5 mg/ml injectable solution.  The number of different names given to the same medicine indicates again is in the control of the maximising profit rather than a maximising health industry.

The reality is it is that the herb is much better than the active ingredient isolated and concentrated.  Because it’s embedded in a natural environment and from the natural environment we evolved from. 
Many modern medicines come from the same idea as digitalis.  They have their roots in the plants and animals and minimal products that were used in traditional medicine going back millions of years.  This profound wisdom has been manipulated into a mega-industry.

The scam didn’t stop with isolating the active ingredient because anybody could isolate the active ingredients of plants and that’s no business model.  So having isolated the active ingredient they then synthesised it in the laboratory and the synthetic version they could patent. From this sort of activity came one of the top five industries in the world.  This was a well-known scam back in the 1960s and many research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry wrote about it.  But this got forgotten pretty much with the passage of time.

With a protected market they can carry out trials in people, of the synthetic drug compared to placebo, and if this works out, it’s a good business model.  But the reality is that the original substance is still better and the trial wouldn’t have compared the two, as that’s no business model.

Another part of the scam was to ignore the homeopathic solution to toxicity.  Which Samuel Hannemann worked out 250 years ago when he found that like cures like was limited because of the toxic effects.  Hahnemann discovered that minute doses made stronger by what he called the potentisation process solved this problem.  While there is no real model for why systematic diluting and shaking works in conventional chemistry, many models are now being discovered as to why and how this works.  And when you examine traditional medicine around the world you often come across this potentisation process, so that’s not new either and it could be 100,000 years old.  Disregarding this idea the gain is a sort of arrogance out of ignorance.  

This was primarily ignored by the chemists of Samuel Hannemann’s time because they couldn’t make any money from diluting substances and they consequently attacked him because of this.  They saw then 200 and so years ago that this was a terrible business model.  

Subsequently, last century the pharmaceutical scientific community ganged up on homeopathy and instead of attacking the lousy business model which paid their incomes, they attacked its working just because it wasn’t understood. This is similar to ignoring gravity because it is not understood.  It wasn’t ignored because it wasn’t understood, it was attacked and decried because it was a terrible business model.  Greed was the underlying motive for ignoring this wonderful discovery of Samuel Hahnemann. 

This is no small point.  In some official estimates are that the third most common cause of death in the Western world is the toxic effect of medical drugs.  What this is saying is that hundreds of millions of people have died because of the toxic effects of the drugs.  Possibly more than all the 50 genocides and war deaths of the last century.  If you look at these deeper, and the denial of the issues about the very purpose of life that drug hide, plus the suppression of symptoms which drive the disease further inwards, leads to intelligent estimates that the number one cause of death in the Western world is medical drugs, so we are talking around 1000 millions of deaths due to medical drugs.

The next issue then is the suppression caused by drugs.  If you have an eruption on the outside of your skin which we call eczema or on your inner skin like your lungs which we call asthma, or if it’s seasonal eruption in your lungs we call it an allergy, the normal method is to use something like cortisone to suppress the eruption corrosive effect.  This doesn’t solve the problem because the underlying process hasn’t been dealt with.  It is likely that the underlying process is some form of suppressed and unexpressed anger because anger shows up as redness, in the face, and in eruptions wherever they occur.  There is a direct link between every single symptom and some repressed emotion.  This is denied in conventional medicine yet there are whole books on the subject.  Making Sense of Suffering for Example.  And there are many more if you look into it this; it is not rocket science or rocket engineering, it’s pretty obvious to anybody with the emotional literacy. . 

The most common consequence of suppressing eruptions on the outside is that they moved to the inside skin, from eczema to asthma for example.  But there are many other possibilities which are probably worse, and the science of how symptom suppression degrade the health, is not taught in medical schools, yet is a fundamental understanding amongst the homeopathic profession.
In the homeopathic profession we have laws of cure.
Which goes something like this.
When someone is totally healthy they experienced something like ‘I am completely well’.
They say this with conviction.  People who live in what I would call peasant cultures, and this is not a derogatory term in any way, the live primarily on the earth, described it this way.  They say to me after I’ve made great homeopathic prescription, ‘I feel completely well’ and then I know we’ve hit the sweet spot of the bell and that everything else will improve with time.
I call it ‘the soul is singing the life’.  
Another way of looking at it would be that they are centred in this present moment, in abiding love, which nothing can disturb.  Few people attain this but it is the goal of everyone in my understanding.
The next level of health is abundant vitality, which tends to go with the ‘I feel great’ but the two are actually separate.

Cure comes in reverse order of the arrival of the disease.
Cure is when’s people say I feel completely well with conviction and likewise they say that I have abundant energy’.
Cure takes place in reverse order starting with the deepest pathology and working backwards in time to the more superficial pathology and then on to cure.
This comes in two ways in which this happens which can be a bit confusing
Cure shows as the last occurring symptoms or pathology come back to the surface, and if there have been layers of increasing pathology then these reoccur in reverse order to the order they occurred .
So for example if a lack of energy was preceded by influenza, the lack of energy treatment would bring the influenza to the surface to be treated.  The homeopathic  treatment for the influenza would then restore vitality more permanently.
Incidentally this is a very common scenario in chronic fatigue syndrome.  The flu was suppressed by suppressive treatment or influenza vaccination and the energy never recovered.

As a slightly deeper example, if lack of energy was preceded by an influenza, which was preceded by a trauma like divorce or death of a child, in homeopathy the lack of energy would be treated and reveal the influenza, and this in turn would reveal the trauma, and treating the trauma would bring the person back to life.  
Or if the trauma was spotted in the initial case taking and treated directly, the whole process could be done with one remedy. In the context of the previous trauma, influenza and the now lack of energy, a single remedy could be selected which covered all this and the recovery would be indicated by a replay of the lack of energy temporarily, then the influenza, temporarily, which might or might not need treating independently, and then the trauma resurface temporarily and be treated if necessary.  One remedy could do it all or sequence of several might be needed depending how deep the problem was and how easy or difficult taking the case was in establishing what really happened.

What would happen is that in conventional medicine the patient might go to the doctor with a lack of energy and the doctor would prescribe vitamins perhaps or an iron tonic based on blood tests.  This would allow the lack of energy to continue because the problem hasn’t been solved.  If the vitamins brought back the influenza, this might be addressed with antibiotics or anti-viral medicines, and the result could be the same as before, if they were used before for the influenza.  If they didn’t work properly before, they won’t work properly again and the patient would then return to having a lack of energy because the essential influence like the trauma had not been addressed.  The patient there becomes locked into a vicious cycle of lack of energy, and arising of energy and the suppression of the arising.  And the trauma goes on, probably leading on to a cancer. 

This is what happens when the process of cure is not understood or taught in medical schools.  This is the normal processing medicine, the degradation of health due to the lack of understanding of the total process and the use of drugs that don’t deal with the key issues. In homeopathy is a very fundamental understanding which are used by homeopaths every day in the treatment of all patients.  Knowing the process of cure is fundamental to treatment.'

This is completely almost missing from conventional medicine.  So much so that if you made a diagnosis in some countries as a doctor, it is legally mandated as to what you must prescribe, and otherwise you get struck off the medical profession.

There is another medical scam here. The drug trials, said to be the gold standard, the double-blind controlled trials, are short, long enough to show benefits, but not the toxic effects fully if at all. But the reality is that patients often take the drugs for life, when the toxic effects become the most important feature and can greatly outweigh the benefits. The scam is only doing short trials. Not to mention only publishing positive ones.  For years the medical profession has got away with this scam of only publishing the positive.  One of the great sceptics of homeopathy Ben Goldacre, a regular general practitioner in England wrote a whole book about this medical scam. (Bad Pharma (2012), an examination of the pharmaceutical industry and a very good read it is.)  

And of course many of the drugs are addictive and very hard to get off.

So the medical drugs industry has frequently been described as a major scam, but it’s such a big scam with such a big muscle, that it controls all the levers of power and brainwashing that are necessary to sustain such a big scam.  And instead of health care we have millions of people dying from the effects of drugs when better systems of health care are already available.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Basic Principle of Healing

Basic Principle of Healing

Peter Chappell
Dec 2013

I’m assuming here that you’ve watched the video
and I have taken for granted you’ve understood the basic ideas.
What I missed out in this video that’s relatively important is the treatment of trauma.  I didn’t have enough time in this presentation. If you doubt the effectiveness of this new technology in trauma then watch

I’m going to write in a way that you could say is simplistic but what I’m really doing is simplifying the discussion down to its very core.  So if you find yourself saying internally, what if, I disagree, what about, please read on anyway.

I’m saying this from a perspective of being a homeopath for 40 years.

What I am saying is that conventional medicine and homeopathic medicine are in complete agreement in many things including the diagnosing diseases and treating infectious diseases. 

Both conventional medicine and homeopathy are seeking with infectious diseases to eradicate the germ, the infectious mechanism.  Conventional medicine describes it as attacking the germ directly, and homeopathy describes it as treating the totality of the infectious disease, which in turn actually means mobilising the immune system to attack the germ, and they are both essentially speaking about the same idea. They do it in different ways but the core idea is the same. Conventional medicine attacks the germ so the innate immune system has less to do. Homeopathy boosts the innate immune response only.

Both conventional and homeopathic medicine rely essentially on the herbal, mineral and natural traditions of medicine for its sources of medicines, most commonly salts and herbs.

Both conventional and homeopathic medicines do work when there are physical substances in the actual medicines, even though homeopathy frequently seemingly dilutes the medicines out of physical existence (but that’s just a misunderstanding).  This dilution out of physical existence is not necessary, and homeopathy works very well and possibly just as well or even better sometimes, when there is physical content to the medicine.  There are systems of prescribing within homeopathy (eg LM1 (10 to -9), LM2) (Avogadro is 10 -23, so there are still billions of billions of atoms involved) which exclusively rely on remedies with dilute but still physical content, and these are just as effective as those without physical content.  So the argument about homeopathy having nothing in it is specious and irrelevant.

As I pointed out in the video, animals intuitively know which plant to eat to heal their wounds and illnesses, and we as humans inherited this intuitive knowing when we progress from out of the animal kingdom.

And this intuitive knowing is essentially the principle of what something can cause it can cure, which homeopathy has summarised as like cures likes like.

There has been a slight divergences in approach over the last centuries between the two systems of medicine, because the conventional medical system has moved away slowly from this like cures like basic principle behind natural medicine. Doing this means its ignoring a billion year tested paradigm, and has no other guiding principle.

Before last century the sources of homeopathic medicines and conventional medicines were virtually identical and this can be seen in the Merck Manual of diseases of 1899 which is still in print, and any corresponding homeopathic materia medica and repertory of the same era, Boerike for example.  The only difference is that conventional medicine used the crude substances in physical doses, but so did homeopathy in the beginning in its first developmental stage. 

It’s important to realise that the choice of substances has been refined through a billion year history, from when life evolved on Earth.  So the actual substances are not chosen by accident, these are the survival of the fittest and most appropriate medicines for supporting life on Earth.

The only reason homeopathy started using minute but highly effective doses was that it had the same effect but got rid of the toxic effects.

In the 20th century what conventional medicine did (and still does) was to use the herbs and similar medicinal sources, but find out the active ingredients within the herb etc, and then synthesise these in the laboratory, which enabled patents to be issued, and this became a powerful business model and a way of huge profits. 

The second point conventional pharmacy stuck to was that they wanted there to be physical ingredients, and they didn’t like diluting seemingly out of existence again because this is a very bad business model.  However the very reason homeopathy diverged from physical material substances in quantity was that they create toxic effects.  And very frequently the toxic effects become bigger than the disease, and it’s is crafting upon the person a separate disease due to the toxins.  This is very frequently seen in medicinal practice, it’s the rule if you take a medicine for any length of time, and it’s quite simply addressed by reducing the quantity and potentisation.  Quantity is not important, except within a business model. 

But in reality even today some conventional medicines are prescribed in an exactly similar way and form and dilution to homeopathic medicines. Colchicum for example.

So you will already be struck by the amazing similarity between these two systems of medicine.

One further step is to understand that conventional medicines and homeopathic medicines for  diseases only work to the extent that they are like cures like in operation. 

In an infectious disease it is common for a few homeopathic remedies selected appropriate to the person to cure the disease in everybody in a situation like influenza.  There are statistics for 1918 influenza epidemic giving the facts on this in tens of thousands of people.  If all these few remedies were put together in one bottle, which is completely feasible, one composite medicine would treat everyone with the disease.  Without side-effects. There are well established homeopathic combinations and homeopathic pharmacies that sell little else.

Conventional medicine turns an infectious disease into a one size treats all phenomena, like the proverbial if you’ve only got a hammer every problem becomes a nail, and it doesn’t always or often work that well as a consequence.  It will only work when what is offered is sufficiently close to like cures like for it to work. 

With classical homeopathy they normally require a homeopath to decide which of the variety of a handful of homeopathic remedies is necessary for the epidemic disease.  This takes more skill but it is highly effective.  Put them in a bottle and is likely to be the same level of effectiveness with much less skill.

So still we are working on the same premise, both systems of medicine are extremely close when it comes to infectious diseases.

The idea of one remedy for one infectious disease is completely sane and realistic.  The only problem is that neither system of medicine, homeopathic or conventional, have ever come up with a complete solution to this problem. 

It homeopathy generated bigger profits and had a secure and better business model that was an easy rival to the pharmaceutical model, it would be game over.  The superior homeopathic model would win.  It’s just as effective, and it’s not toxic.

So this is the nub of the situation. 

PC Technology makes a remedy for the totality of an infectious disease that is completely non-toxic and highly effective.  It solves the problem that nature has never produced a remedy that covered the totality of any disease since time began.  It’s a radical revolutionary new ability to cure infectious diseases.

What happens when a new disease occurs, is it is very devastating, as happened to the North American Indians when we gave them measles, they had no resistance. Millions died. Resistance builds over generations just like we have built resistance to the bubonic plague, without ever having a vaccination.  Generating this resistance requires an intelligence that is normally built over the centuries by the genetic/epigenetic intelligent mutation/adaption process. The same way as giraffes get long necks  And shared amongst the human race..  What PC technology allows is immediate access to this intelligence so that we don't have to wait centuries for our immune systems to catch up.  We can do it immediately, and this is incredibly revolutionary.  As well as very effective. So it's not a medical treatment as such at all, it's the necessary specific intelligence required for the immune system to deal with the disease intelligently.

There is one more step in this discussion.  And that is that chronic diseases are in reality slow-moving infectious diseases, and as a consequence the same principles of treating the totality of the disease apply.  This means that PC technology applies to all forms of diseases.  In the book Homeopathy for Diseases all the details of this are revealed and discussed with case studies.

When it comes to chronic diseases there is still a lot of agreements between homeopathy and conventional medicine.

A lot of conventional medicine treats chronic disease as if it is an inflammation, a chronic inflammation that has got out of control, for example an eruption, an allergy, asthma, and inflammation, et cetera.  However the conventional medicine attempt is to stifle, suppress or contain the problem/diseases not to cure it. Palliative medicine at best. And highly profitable as it means taking drugs for life. The downsides however are huge. Drugs for life, toxic effects that reduce your life span and at the same time significantly reduced the quality of life, and most likely an earlier death. The problem is that the eruption/inflammation/information behind the chronic disease has meaning which needs to be understood.  To suppress it with anti-inflammatories et cetera is to deny the message.  And intelligence behind the disease automatically in the end creates a deeper expression of the disease because it has been stopped from the safest expression, something more superficial.  For example instead of inflammation on the skin we have inflammation in the joints or in the lungs. Then we need surgery and artificial joints, after a long period on painkillers, which deny the importance of the intelligent message.

There is a significant body of top expert opinion within homeopathy that agrees with understanding chronic diseases as inflamation, and makes the comment that all diseases including cancers are really low-level infections smouldering away and getting worse.

In fact homeopaths go further than this to generalise that all chronic diseases are really long-running infectious phenomena passing down from generation to generation by the epigenetic process. 

Homeopaths been using this idea for 200 years to great therapeutic effect, and this has now been verified by the new emerging field of epigenetics although it’s got way to go on this.  We now know that trauma, toxins and infectious disease effects passed down from generation to generation, and 10 generations is not unknown, it has been observed scientifically.  And the chronic diseases so-called are really the combination of the effects of different epigenetic effects passing down the generation.  In other words all chronic diseases are really slow-moving infectious diseases.

Now that’s a statement of some enormous magnitude.  It means that with PC technology we have a solution to every disease, that’s effective and without side-effect. It really is game over for pharmaceutical medicine.

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